ABOUT Anatar

As she talks me through the logistics of her eco-village I am just beginning to think she’s definitely not mad, but in fact a pioneer and I have faith in her ability to make this dream real. She already is. ..... Russel Brand, one of my most aspired beings. Excerpt referencing our magical encounter from his recent audio book, 'Revelation' do yourself a service and download it now on audible x

Eco-village vision

The vision that motivates everything I do is to co-create an Eco-village and Living/Learning centre. Through events, workshops, retreats, internships, festivals, ceremonies and various other creative cultural projects, we will ignite frameworks for sustainable, fruitful living. I have consolidated a network of highly skilled, motivated, inspired beings ready to co-create a new social paradigm and way of living in equilibrium with all that surrounds us.

Climbing for Coconuts

A pivotal point in my life was the first time I climbed to the crown of a coconut tree. I have never felt more alive, more satisfied in my soul than this day, and the feeling doesn't fade. Coconuts are the miracle fruit, unique in their life giving properties.

To be able to harvest them myself offers me a deep sense of empowerment and equanimity. 

Bliss Baskets

When people are in the company of these majestic masterpieces, they are blown-away by their beauty and magnitude. 'Bliss Baskets' are a culmination of all I have lived and learnt thus far. They are ethically and sustainably harvested with total respect and connection to the land, hand made from all natural materials and transported on a used vegetable oil powered vehicle. For info, purchase and hire click HERE

Vegetable Oil Vehicle

I power my car on used vegetable oil, which is free and abundant. It is a lifestyle choice, and like many other aspects of my life, is challenging yet extremely rewarding. I cannot tell you the pure joy that runs through my veins when I fill my car full of oil and start the journey to Far North Queensland (where the basket materials come from). It is an involved process and I need to be determined to keep it up, but the benefits far outway the effort, and I get to drive guilt free!!

 'Let us return to our roots and dissolve the illusions that keep us seperate from the land that's has always and will always be our life blood' 

  Anatar Wild Awake, Co-creator in a blissful existance

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