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'Believe in your dreams! They were given to you for a reason!'


 This dream has been germinating for many years and it is now the season for it to bear fruit.

Any individual or group who aligns with our vision and has the financial capacity to help realise it, is graciously encouraged to contribute and to be involved in both the birthing and long-term life of the project.

Every contribution, however big or small, helps build the momentum!


The Vision


We revere the earth as a sacred sanctuary, heeding the call for urgent bio-cultural regeneration to restore the planet to its bountiful, balanced state. I am calling on the philanthropy and investment of those who believe in this eco-enterprise to help ignite it. There are a number of ways to contribute including sponsorship and donations or through individualised investment agreements.

The land

The land hidden away in Far North QLD is unique in it's capacity to host this dream. It’s functioning off-grid, sourcing all its water and Hydro-power from the breathtaking waterfall, offers an excess of pristine drinking water, a number of cabins which can accommodate up to 80 people, a commercial kitchen and community kitchen, campground entitlement, infrastructure to host large events and has 3 crystal clear spring fed dams. This sacred site sits on 106 acres, backing on to national park with a perfect balance of cleared to original forest.

The Values

Through innovative, symbiotic living systems we promote abundance, empowerment, social and ecological sustainability, respect, aliveness, cultural renewal, creativity and a deeper sense of connection and accountability to the self, to fellow beings and to the earth. Education and transmitting information is crucial to expanding the reach of these strategies. We will provide workshops, retreats, internships, events, convergence conferences, ceremonies and cultural celebrations through which informed wisdom will be passed on to the wider community and future generations.

The People

Over the years, I have been collating a network of highly skilled, inspired beings including natural building experts and architects, sustainable and ethical land and water management teams, alternative and mainstream health care professionals, alternative energy developers, town planners, permaculture gurus, natural birth specialists, healing facilitators, survival skills and bush foods wisdom keepers, just to mention a few.

This ever-evolving network of passionate people are yearning to co-create in a development of this nature and calibre. The project will be open to people with a shared vision to come and create the dream together!

Be the change you want to see in the world ghandi

It is my firm belief that the devastation that is being inflicted on the earth is due to our separation from the source of all that we consume. Our removal from the natural world and our direct dependence on it for survival, has left us with a yearning and emptiness that we are trying to satiate through excessive consumption, over stimulation and instant gratification. It's time to transcend outdated 'man as machine' models and ignite thoughtful, cohesive solutions to encourage communities to live a fruitful, fulfilling existence in equilibrium with all that sustains and surrounds us. I see eco-villages as vital instruments in diminishing the degrees of separation and humans becoming conscious, connected consumers.

If you were born into a world 
where you just don't fit in...
It's because you were born to create a new one!

Since as long as I can remember, I have lived to create change and build bridges between two worlds. I have dedicated my life to harnessing and sharing my inner knowing and all that I've learnt from living in alternative communities around the world. A pure example of this is my 'Bliss Baskets'. These otherworldly wonders are an untamed expression of what I believe to be right and real, from years of living lightly on the earth, spending timeless periods of solitude submersed in nature.

They are hand made from ethically hand-harvested from deep within the undergrowth and canopy of the jungle and transported on the back of my bio-fuelled car (used, recycled, pure vegetable oil)


The Process


The grounds and facilities are already fit for hosting various events, currently hosting school camps, seasonal camping and yearly festivals.

From the outset we will host retreats, camps, courses, workshops, eco-festivals, vision quests, initiation and cultural ceremonies. The focus through these various events will be on Rejuvenation, Reconnection and Rewilding.

Phase 1 ‘Woven Wonderland’- installing a multi-level suspended human nest woven world in the huge fig tree.

Planting out Tropical Food forest (to be donated by a local rare tropical fruit nursery and seed saver), establishing community gardens, medicinal mushroom farm and natural medicine garden. Planting coconuts around the perimeters of the dams for abundant coconuts and hammock spaces

In the initial phase will also develop an online media and information presence to share insights and information with the wider world.


The floating oasis on the dams.

Dam 1 - Large-scale Aquaponics project with nutritional algae farm
Dam 2 - The construction of floating sauna and massage and mediation deck with natural clay spa, and a submerged platform for floating water massage treatments (WATSU)
Dam 3 - Floating junk percussive raft with a floating stage with inbuilt instruments made from recycled materials

Setting up Seasonal Cafe with focus on organic and alive superfoods grown and prepared on the land

Repackaging the style of accommodation and giving it a facelift

Phase 2 ‘Woven Wonderland’ - Canopy crawl and climbing course

Establishing various programs including natural birth community space, trial orchard for legitimate cancer cure, Bush foods regeneration, Cassowary protection program and water protection alliance.

Phase 3 Woven Wonderland - Treehouse and zip line Jungle swing circuit, building bridges and

hidden worlds along the river including the ancient art of Fig-tree bridge weaving.

Building developments including a workshop space, events dome and more private cabins for retreats and eco-resort style accommodation.

The potential for hosting a bi-annual Convergence Conference uniting people worldwide who are leaders and pioneers in creating a sustainable, fruitful future.

I am calling on the philanthropy and investment of those who believe in this eco-enterprise to help ignite it. There are a number of ways to contribute including sponsorship and donations or through individualised investment agreements.

The investor

We are now seeking investors in alignment with all of the above who shares the Vision and Values. An investor who knows the planet needs a Sanctuary where we can birth an awareness and the tools to heal and regenerate. A place where people from all over the world come to study, share, recalibrate, immerse, celebrate, and heal both themselves and the earth they walk.

"Have you ever found yourself shifting back and forth between an exalted optimism that a great change is gathering, and a dark despair that denies any plausible future but a continuing downward spiral of ruin? If so, you too are in the midst of a revolution.

-Charles Eisenstein

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